福彩35选7开奖号码新疆 JI LIN RUI HUA FOOD CO.,LTD ,has passed the USA FDA certification ,also pass the HACCP and ISO certificate by INTERTEC AUDIT .Our company identify possible link  and take  appropriate control measures to prevent any harm , the probability of occurrence of hazard is reduced according to HACCP control plan .At the same time  the guidance document also made clear in the food production SSOP clear how to do cleaning, disinfection, hygiene and maintenance .We require from From raw materials, personnel, facilities and equipment, production process, packaging and transportation, quality control and related side ,should in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state to health quality standards,the formation of the set can be the job specification of the operation to make the GMP program, in accordance with the corresponding plan and implementation, good production equipment, production process to ensure the quality of the final product (including food safety and health) to comply with regulatory requirements. In order to make the company's products to become an internationally recognized food safety, in 2015 the company has done a kosher  certification, BRC, organic certification and other certification.